The software may contain open source libraries, components, utilities and other open source software, or may be provided with open source, which may have applicable licensing conditions, as specified on a Samsung-designated website or provided with the relevant documentation. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, the use of open source is subject to the applicable open source licensing conditions, as long as the donor requests it (these conditions do not restrict the licence fee granted to the customer under these provisions, but may include additional fees). I have a problem with the end user license agreement and it`s related to the origin and I can`t accept the deal for any reason because it doesn`t react. Some Samsung apps and services can be included or downloaded into your Samsung Mobile Device. Samsung software can allow access to the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store or other Samsung and third-party services and websites (together and individually “services”). Some of these services and applications may not be available in all languages or in all countries. Many of them may require registration for Samsung Services (“Samsung Account”), and your rights and obligations are defined under separate terms and conditions for the Samsung account. There are non-Samsung account apps and services that may also require your consent to their separate terms and conditions. You expressly acknowledge and consent that your use of these applications and services is subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

Your use of a Samsung account is subject to the current terms and conditions of the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, you can access and verify at the following address: you cannot authorize, copy, redevelop, decompile, disassemble or try to discover the source code or algorithms of the software (except and only to the extent that such activity does not expressly resist this restriction under current legislation) or modify or disable to discover the source code or software algorithms or create derivative works based on the software.