That`s right! I`m glad the bird was fine. I`ve never met an animal with a car (fortunately), but I`m still afraid of the idea. When my dad taught me how to drive, he made me walk on a hamburger and pretend it was a cute kitten, so I`d know it wasn`t worth going in the opposite direction. He`s been a trucker for many years and has seen some very bad drivers, so I can see where he came from, but seriously, what a way to move someone, let alone ruin a good hamburger. So far, it`s so good. Thanks for this Bug Guide Link, by the way. I took some shots of a possible cicada and a cool butterfly today. I`m going to have fun with this! I won`t have these birds! They`re breaking the market. It`s as if the pigeons have decided to ignore me! Fans of the sicom “Seinfeld” may remember the line: “I thought we had a deal.” It was a classic episode in which one of the plots hit George Costanza accidentally with a car or stepped on pigeons. He explains the first meeting: “JERRY: You knocked down pigeons? How many? It doesn`t matter what they got. Miranda thinks I`m a butcher, but it`s not my fault? Don`t we have a market with pigeons? Of course we have a deal. They come out of the way of our cars, we look in the other direction towards the dereation of the statue.

It`s true! And these pigeons broke the deal. I will not accept guilt! Today I felt like George, the only difference was that I was cycling. Like most New Yorkers, unless you are eaten by a hawk or a falcon, I ignore pigeons on a daily basis. When I ride a bike, when there are some in my path, I rarely put my brakes on, because they always go away. Almost always. I was near the parade grounds when I walked up the road to Argyle when I approached a herd of about six pigeons standing in the middle of the street. Five flew away while I was still a few yards away from them, and six hesitated. At the last moment, it flew to the parked cars, but I cut the rear end of the bird with my front wheel. The birds are surprisingly light and I didn`t feel any bumps or vibrations through the frame of the bicycle. I looked right on time to see the bird turn 180 degrees and hit the tire of a parked car. Within seconds, he rightly made himself, then flew to join the other five birds.

They say that New Yorkers are a difficult fate, but I think New York pigeons win the price of survival of a daily stream of cars, bicycles, dogs, pedestrians and, of course, raptors. With only 9,000,000,000, the little rock dove not only survives, but seems to thrive in the “city that never sleeps.” I may have to reconsider this whole okay. Jerry, what are you doing tomorrow? I want you to come to the set. But to this day, Larry Charles, author of Sonsfeld, who wrote both the weapon and the salad episode, says that no subject should be ruled out when it comes to comedy.