The agreement, or “attribution,” as we know, will cover three areas: the use of a party chairman`s opinion is required by law, but you do not need to use a surveyor. However, if there is a dispute between the neighbours, the appointment of a party surveyor is a prerequisite. Although there is no requirement for a festive wall surveyor to be chartered or specially qualified, it would be better to have a qualified practitioner. We have the experience of solving terrible problems where someone has “said,” often a builder or someone who makes the plans. Much of Collier Stevens` work is used for party decisions, rewards agreement and dispute resolution. We have a special section in our Advice Hub that can help you answer all the other questions related to the face of the walls. We are often asked what we are actually doing, so this article is supposed to help you understand why a surveyor is needed and what the role parameters are. A garden wall (but no fence) that spans the border. A “Party Wall Agreement” is not the same as a Party Wall Award.

An “agreement” would generally be used when the person doing the work and his neighbours agree to accept the work in progress without the need to include the party surveyors. If a neighbour is not willing to accept the work in progress, it would usually require a “Party Wall Award” before work begins. A party structure means a party wall and also a partition on the ground separating two owners. For example, this could be flat A floor between two apartments. If the fees are not paid, the sentence can be carried out either before the magistrate or before the regional court. The only risk is that the surveyor may attempt to recover it from the party for which he works, if the person doing the work becomes insolvent and is unable to pay the fees. A party award usually determines the work to be done, how it should be performed and the obligations that the person doing the work will take. This often refers to how to mitigate damage or loss to a neighbour`s property that is caused by work. The party`s surveyors are preparing a fair and impartial Prize from the Wall Award Party, which deals with the right to carry out the work of the party, to regulate the time and procedures of the party`s work and all other issues that arise between the parties linked to the party wall.

Under all normal circumstances, party surveyors prepare a report called the “state plan” before work begins to protect the interests of both parties in the event of a subsequent claim for damages. There is no restriction for someone who calls himself a “party surveyor” and there is no precondition for qualification, continuing education or insurance of professional liability. It is an unregulated service. So you have to carefully choose your surveyor, talk to them and find out what their experience is. Members of the Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are properly regulated and insured, and members of the party`s college of surveyors have completed at least one basic level of education. Remember, a bad surveyor can be expensive and often worse than any party surveyor.