Cooperation agreements are used by parties wishing to set up a contractual joint venture. The content of a cooperation agreement differs depending on the nature of the transaction: for example, if the project includes immovable property, there are specific provisions to protect the immovable property used in the project; In the case of a technological project, there are specific provisions to determine who owns and is responsible for the intellectual property created in the project, as well as the conditions of each license to exploit that intellectual property; and if the project is a research project, there will be specific provisions on how each party will use, develop, protect and produce the know-how and confidential information. Here are the most important terms that normally appear in a cooperation agreement: this is the one that worked really well for me. In fact, cooperation involves partnering with other entrepreneurs for specific projects that have a start and end date, and not committing to cooperate beyond that. It`s basically casual dating without the obligation! For me, employees were an important part of my business. I can work on different projects with different collaborators best suited to the XYZ project, without any permanent partnership with them. Unlike a partnership, in the collaborative model you don`t need to ask someone or several people if they agree with that decision or should we go in that direction, the decision comes down to the question of who owns the project. Project details are often included in the form of a specification in the form of a specification in the form of specifications that are annexed to the agreement or contained in a schedule of the agreement. The terms of reference generally define the contribution and resources required by each party at the beginning of the project and indicate what is expected of the parties throughout the duration of the project. The more details are provided, the clearer the project parameters and can record renegotiations or clarifications on later terms after the project starts. However, this approach can work both ways – it can be beneficial if negotiations are difficult or the outcome is in your favour, but it can also be helpful to retain flexibility to continue discussing how certain parts of the project will work once the parties have a better idea of how the project will unfold; Visiting Scientist Agreement: An agreement between the university and another academic institution or party that describes the conditions and rules to be followed when visiting a faculty member to the other institution….