Before activation, you have the right to use the version of the software installed during the installation process. Your right to use the Software after the time specified in the installation process is limited unless it is activated. This serves to prevent unlicensed use. You may no longer continue to use the Software after this period if you do not activate it. If the device is connected to the Internet, the software can automatically connect to Microsoft to activate it. You can also activate the software manually via the Internet or by phone. If you do this, internet and phone charges may apply. Some changes to your computer`s components or software may require the software to be reactivated. The software reminds you to activate it until you do.

3. SCOPE OF THE LICENSE. The software is licensed, not sold. This Agreement only gives you certain rights to use the Software. Microsoft reserves all other rights. Unless other rights are granted to you by applicable law despite this limitation, you may only use the Software to the extent expressly permitted in this Agreement. In doing so, you must comply with all technical limitations of the software that allow you to use it only in certain ways. You cannot use potentially unwanted software.

The Software scans your computer for medium to medium to medium severity malware, including but not limited to spyware and other potentially unwanted software (“Potentially Unwanted Software”). The software will only remove or disable low- to medium-severity potentially unwanted software if you are accepted into it.